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Char Tara Albert  

Char Tara began her yoga practice in 1973. She received Iyengar-style yoga training through Bob Glickstein and Roger Cole, Ph.D., and completed one year of Yoga Teacher Training through Lillah Schwartz of Lighten Up Yoga. Artistically trained in visual media, dance movement and vocal expression, Char Tara expressed her creativity as a natural food chef, roving mime and jewelry artist while raising three sons. As a committed proponent to the art and science of longevity, Char Tara offers natural products and services to regenerate and detoxify the body. She is co-inventor of Homeopathic Taurox™, a nationally distributed, clinically researched compound proven to reduce fatigue and symptoms of allergies, colds and flu. Currently Char Tara markets Taurox at www.Taurox4Vitality.com while teaching yoga, sound healing and nutrition. (4/5/11)





Bob Glickstein

Bob began teaching yoga in 1973. He founded the Yoga Center of Columbia, Maryland where he designed yoga teacher training programs and supported the certification of hundreds of graduates. He specializes in the comprehensive, therapeutic applications of yoga to facilitate well-being for his students. Bob's clear communication style delivered with humor creates a safe, fun and transformative experience for participants. Bob is an organizer of yoga workshops, vacations and special events. His most influential teachers are B.K.S. Iyengar, John Schumacher, John Friend and Roger Cole. Bob is certified by B.K.S. Iyengar.

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