1.     Fullness of Inhalation Pointers:    A


With each exhalation, release air in a gentle controlled manner.
Imagine white light rolling down over your skull
relaxing the bones and muscles like having your head massaged. 
Visualize the white light cascading down your whole body like a waterfall.  
Slowly adduct your lungs, moving all muscular energy back toward the center of your body
as you contract your lungs like the full collapsing of a balloon. 
Allow yourself to receive the peace and presence of the universe
and drive this energy deep into the core of your spinal column,
back into your flower stem and returning the energy to your root chakra. 

 Pausing: At the very end of your exhalation when every bit of air has been released,
slightly press the navel towards the spine and then contract the perineum muscles f
or a few seconds in Moola Bandha. Be solid, steady and still.
Imagine that you re-gather your energy into the root, collector of earth energy. 


Fullness of Exhalation Pointers

 The key is to empty the lungs fully and release your mind,
emotions and muscles while keeping the breath steady, smooth and without aggressive effort. 
At the very end of the end of exhalation, pause slightly and press the navel toward the spine,
thus further emptying the lungs. Our breath can teach us that by emptying fully and not hurrying,
we create space in our life to receive. Hold the muscular contraction intact to fuel the next inhalation.

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