With your With your next inhalation imagine pulling energy up from the root ball of the pelvic region,
up through your mid region, the stem of the flower and into your head, the flower blossom. 
Use a slight contraction of the muscles at the base of your pelvic floor to drive the energy up the stem of the flower,
similar to a plant drinking water and nutrients from the earth.  Visualize the breath as blue light (or any color you see).
 The muscular contraction of the first chakra is called Moola Bandha, Sanskrit words. 
Ancient Yogi’s first mapped out the chakra system. Moola describes the 1st chakra, Bandha for a lock that unlocks. 
Muscular energy is gathered around the spinal base.

Fullness of Inhalation Pointers  
While inhaling relax the intercostals muscles of the rib cage
allowing the ribs to expand in all directions out from the center
of the mid and upper back area like the filling of a balloon. 
Be sure to fill the lungs from the bottom up, first filling the lower lobes of the lungs,
the mid lungs and finally lifting and spreading the clavicle area of the chest
which makes space for the upper lungs to receive oxygen.
This is an action of abducting the rib cage and moving away from bodily midline.  
See the stem of your flower being nourished by energy and filling up with blue light. 

  Once your lungs are completely full of air, hold the inhalation and muscular contraction (or Moola Bandha)
for a few seconds and further pull the blue light up into the head area,
allowing the flower blossom mandala to fill with blue light  (or any color you see).
Release your eyes to drop down in the eye sockets and to passively to the center of your brain. 
Imagine your brain relaxing, becoming passive and shrinking inwards away from your skull bones.
Allow the power and radiance of your flower blossom to drink in the nectar of cosmic light
that rains down from the heavens into our crown chakra. 
Sense the union in the crown chakra of the earth energy you pulled up merging with the cosmic light from above.
Bask in the bliss.

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