Staratarian Recipes

What is Staratarian Cuisine?

Kitchen Tips

Stara’s Gluten Free Baking Mix


Heighten Your Pleasure in Life with
Staratarian™ Cuisine Recipes


Mesquite Corn Bread
Stara’s Corn Bread

Center Foods

Lentil Burgers
Roasted Herbed Vegetables
Spaghetti Squash Glory
Summer Stew
Thanksgiving Loaf
Veggie Burgers with Green Curry Sauce

Day Openers

Goji Morning Salad
Homemade Kefir
Indian Rice Pudding

Dips Dressings & More Galore

Kefir Cheese
On Purpose Pumpkin Pate
Rosemary Heaven Spread
Super Zee Dressing
Super Zee Nutri-Mix

Drinks of Plenty

100% Fortitude Juice
Chocolate Almond Milk
Wave-Nog by Stara
Way Ahead Smoothie

Rawness 4 Zoom

Stara’s Carrot and Beet Salad
Super Zee Salad Supreme
Super Zee Dressing
Super Zee Nutri-Mix

Side by Sides

Collards 4 Good
Laver Snack
Stara’s Potato Salad

Soups 4 Life

Deeply Satisfying Curry Potato Soup
Grounding Seaweed Soup
Hot and Sour Yum Soup
Seaweed Booster Soup
Stara’s Seaweed Miso Soup
Stara’s Root Soup

Sweet Treats

Almond Nirvana Cookies
Banana-Ananda Bread
Chia Mia Snack
Cookies 4 Fun
Ever Evolving Super Balls
Lemon Yum Pie
Mock Oatmeal Cookies
Simple Peach Cake
Sweet Potato Loaf
Tapioca Star Pudding
Tahini Pecan Cookies
Very Berry Cobbler
Zucchini Walnut Bread

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