See your spinal column and chakra system as a flower
with the base of the sacrum and lower back as the root ball of the flower,
embedded in the earth, full of the fire of earth force. 
Imagine this energy as a mandala of red, orange and yellow energy
which feeds your physical system and taps into energy from Earth’s core. 
See your middle back as the stem and your heart and throat area as leaves of the flower. 
Finally imagine your head as a flower blossom, a mandala of swirling blue and purple hues.

Ujjiyi Pranayama

1.     This type breathing is called deep throat breathing, “psychic breath” or oceanic breathing.
Ujjiyi breathing induces a subtle calming effects on the whole system.
Breathe in slowly and create a soft hissing or aspirant noise in the back of the throat
similar to snoring but done consciously. 
Practice Ujjiyi throughout the exercise
in order to stimulate nerve fibers in the neck and throat area
which activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System or relaxation response.
Begin your Flower Breath with a simple exhalation. 
It is recommended that Pranayama begin by exhaling completely.


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