A Truly Holistic Approach to Be Trim at the Weight Level You Love!

Benefit Points

  • •     Work from the inside out to shed mental stress, toxins and excess weight
    •     WaveDancz™ Yoga Flow harmonizes and aligns subtle energy, mind, bones and
          muscles for increased detoxification and circulation of blood and vital fluids.
    •     Creative breath and voice practice assists in alkalizing the body, releasing stress from
          organs and cells while increasing nutrient assimilation – a self-applied process to
          help reboot the endocrine system naturally
    •     Use of Taurox™ for energy and prevention of colds, flu and allergies, thus avoiding
          the use of popular energy drinks diet aides and thermogenic herbs, which tend to
          stimulate the fight or flight stress mechanism
    •     Staratarian™ Cuisine taps into the pleasure principle - Eat high-caliber and
          delicious nutrition
    •     Learn how to use seaweeds and fruit extracts to remove obstacles to robust health

  • Why not detoxify and restore with a bold scope in mind to reshape your body? You can build the lean & strong body you love the most. Dream & make it!

DramaticDetox™ Recommendations by Char Tara Albert
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DramaticDetox™ is a realistic body/mind approach focusing on biological detoxification and endocrine balance, thus achieving weight reduction, stress relief and improved health naturally. Through the use of a high quality diet and exercise techniques, both mental and physical, the whole being has the opportunity to rekindle the fires of youth! The physical aim is to strengthen and align the body and rejuvenate the endocrine system thus balancing the metabolism. The mental aim is to stop wasting energy on resisting life, feel everything and learn to relax and enjoy the learning process, thus conserving energy which can be directed to one’s goals.

Email Char Tara for a Free Copy of Report “The Infinite Growth Network Inner Plan” explaining the attitude of healing with the 5 P’s. Click for document.


WaveDancz Yoga Flow™
WaveDancz utilizes yogic postures to retrain the body towards “Harmonic Alignment”. Through the utilization of breath and synchronistic movements, the joints are realigned and the tissues, organs and endocrine glands are renewed with fresh blood and vital fluids. Balanced alignment of the spine allows for improved circulation which assists detoxification. Energy production picks up as a result. Anti-aging effects become obvious. Stress-releasing techniques such as creative use of the breath and voice exercise the throat and lungs to a higher level and teach the self-soothing and self-activating aspects of breath regulation. 70% of the toxins leave our body through the lungs, so holistic breath practice is a key element in the DramaticDetox™ approach.

The American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine have new fitness recommendations: 30 minutes of moderate cardio 5 days a week OR 20 minutes 3 days a week of more intense cardio plus strength training recommendations, all of which can be satisfied with a yoga practice without ever lifting a weight. More intense cardio is required to lose weight. The good news is that custom designed yoga programs for home use require no special equipment.

Private Sessions in Vero Beach Florida cost $70 for 1.5 hour. Email Char Tara

Taurox™ - An Energy Building Homeopathic Medicine
DramaticDetox™ recommendations are born of my 40 years of work in the nutritional field. I share my process of how I persevered and shifted the effects of a congenital chronic disease process towards the realization of robust health. For 8 years I worked on the team that pioneered the development and invention of new therapies, such as TaurImmune™ products containing Homeopathic Taurox™. Taurox is used to balance the immune system and ignite natural energy within the body and mind. My career includes 8 years as Director of Corporate Communications for Dovetail Technologies and LifeTime Pharmaceuticals, and 6 years marketing Taurox products online. I recommend Taurox for energy and as a cold, flu & allergy preventative. With regular Taurox use it is easy to avoid the popular high caffeine energy drinks, diet aides and thermogenic herbs, which all tend to stimulate the fight or flight stress mechanism thus decreasing robust health. For complete scientific Information, testimonials and Taurox product selection or to order online visit: http://www.taurox4vitality.com If you wish to speak with a representative, call Taurox Distributor, EarthTurns, at 888-551-6764

Staratarian™ Cuisine – Recipes to Increase Health and Wealth to Body and Soul
To enjoy robust health, our body must be clean, hydrated & fueled to go!
Optimal Nutrition Recipes – Vegetarian, Gluten & Egg Free http://www.wavedancz.com/Recipes.html

Here I offer freely a choice selection my own favorite home-kitchen tested recipes. I believe that for optimal absorption of nutrients, food should be experienced as absolutely delicious. When our mind comes present and our taste buds burst in delight, our entire being and soul can best open to receive the goodness and the wealth of Mother Nature’s bounty. The Staratarian diet is designed to tap into the regenerative power in foods and to reduce, not increase inflammation and stress.

…..Fresh, wholesome, full of herbs and bursting with creative flavor!
Staratarian Cuisine recipes herald health and wealth to the body and soul.

Fucoxanthin & Seaweeds
In 2007 I discovered that various seaweeds extracts had been documented to produce an average metabolic increase of 18.2%. Studies performed with FucoThin (by Garden of Life) found a 450% increase in weight loss without loosing sleep or creating the jitters like other diet aids. Both animal and human studies support that Fucoxanthin from edible seaweed possesses strong thermogenic properties while working directly to dissolve the type of white fat found predominantly in the human belly.

Called the “Most Nutritious Drink on Earth”….Exfuze Seven+ PROformance contains a high dose of Fucoidan Seaweed Extract coupled with Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Noni Fruit, Mangosteen and Seabuckthorn Extract bio-enhanced with structured water. Exfuze tastes refreshingly delicious with no added sugar. Users report "sleeping better than in years", weight loss, stamina and resolution of various health conditions. I have been using this product every since I first discovered it. For me it has proven to be a highly effective anti-viral aid, pain reliever and dependable energy booster.

To receive a FREE 25 oz bottle of Exfuze Seven+ PROformance (You pay for shipping only with AutoShip) Email Me

More on Seaweed
To up your diet with seaweeds, view these tasty seaweed recipes from my favorite supplier,
Maine Coast Sea Vegetables: seaveg.com recipes

Everything and anything can lead to awakening.
May you enjoy growing lighter, happier and energized.

Char Tara Albert

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