Containing Taurox™

Most Potent, Non-Toxic Anti-Fatigue

 Compound Ever Discovered


Improves the immune system to fight fatigue resulting from

Lyme Disease, Infections, Cancer, Lymphoma,

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hepatitis,

Fibromyalgia,  Allergies, Asthma, Cold & Flu

 TaurImmune™ products are registered with the FDA.  

Helps Reduce Symptoms of:

·   Cold and Flu                                  ·   Hepatitis                ·   Cancer             

·   Chronic viral infections                 ·   Allergies                ·   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 

·   Chronic bacterial infections         ·   Fibromyalgia         ·   Fatigue associated with medical problems


Product Description:

 TaurImmune™ products adjust the immune system to function optimally.    Each product is composed of several ingredients that work together to treat symptoms associated with various illnesses and conditions.  Each dose is rapidly absorbed while in the mouth.  Doses contain trillions of molecules that modulate white blood cells.  By changing “gene expression” of “cytokines” they catalyze changes in immune functions throughout the body.  A better-tuned immune system causes less fatigue and we believe is better able to fight infections. TaurImmune ingredients include low non-toxic doses of 5-6 natural herbs and/or minerals prepared by the method of Dr. Hahnemann to enhance their effectiveness while decreasing toxicity.

One of the ingredients called Tauroxicum or Taurox™ is the first Adaptive MicroMed™  (a material so potent that only billionths of a gram are required).  This ultra low dose yields ultra-low side effects.  Taurox™ is the MOST POTENT scientifically documented anti-fatigue remedy available.  Nothing, either holistic or conventional, is documented to be more effective in reducing fatigue.

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